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Blood Pressure Monitor

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We do look for dealers and business partners in different state of the US, and also we do look for distributors in Canada, Mexico and S. American countries!

Please contact us, and we provide a great discount on our prices for you. Thanks.

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Terms and Return Policy

Exchange Policy:

We examine each unit of products before we ship out to each customer. We do provide 14 days guarantee of receipt if the product you received was defective and/or damaged due to shipping. Please take a picture of the original receipt or include the original receipt, then using USPS or another provider please mail it back to us. We will process an exchange unit back to you. You do not need to pay second shipping fees.

Refund Policy:

If you used our product(s) within 14 days and somehow you are not satisfied with the quality of unit(s), you can mail it out back to us. After we receive the unit(s) without damage or in good condition, we will process your refund minus 15% restocking fees.

We do appreciate that you contact us when you return our unit by sending a simple email to [email protected] telling us your feedback and reason of return or exchange. Thank you! 

Before you return to us, please try the method below:

1. Click on “S” button 7 times to reset blood pressure monitor. 

2. Please always use 2 new AAA batteries.

3. During different times of a day, we have different readings of blood pressure so please be understanding of any slight differences in readings.

If you have any question and please contact us at [email protected]  we are always welcome your feedback.  Thank you!

 Our team thank you for your business!!