About Us

Blood Pressure Monitor

PanMDpro is a family-owned business, our headquarter Pan Trade Int’l locates in City of Minneapolis MN USA. Our owner, Mr. Pan, has 19 years of import and export experiences. A multilingual entrepreneur, he was educated in China and the US before engaging in extensive travels throughout the Asia Pacific rim, on an often monthly basis, to conduct business. He chooses the best manufacturers, which follow US standards to produce products with strict quality control processes and testing procedures.  We also ensure our products have a high standard of quality packaging and reliable, rapid shipping.

We provide on site training to our manufactures, distributors and business development team to ensure top quality products exceed your expectations. We also utilize stringent testing procedures to ensure each product functions as expected.

We also have own marketing team to use social media for advertising our product lines and connect with our customers.

Please contact us at [email protected]